unnamed Saturday March 28th 
Cloverdale Fairgrounds -Alice McKay Building
6050 A 176 St
Doors open 7 PM, Bell 8PM
604 710 0872

ASW TAG TEAM TITLES-Triple Threat Match
Jinder Mahal & Gama SIngh Jr(Champions) aka SIKH & DESTROY vs Team USA vs Travis Sionys & TKO Cody Smith aka LEAGUE OF LEGACY
Trying to beat the best is never easy.  Team USA has stated they look the part. TKO and Travis Sionys Say they walk the the part. Jinder Mahal and Gama Singh Jr Just want those two teams to shut there mouths and bring there A game.  3 teams enter the ring but only 1 team leave victorious.  Which team has what it takes to be the ASW TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS!
Grudge Match 
Azeem The Dream vs Disco Fury
Over the last six months Azeem the Dream has become the most hated man in All Star Wrestling. Last year he threw a fireball at both Disco Fury and Nasty Nate Daniels. This sidelined both Disco and Nate for months. In January Azeem the Dream tasted victory by retiring Gorgeous Michelle Starr. He even managed to with the Adam Firestorm Memorial Title in Vancouver after beating Mr India. Now  Disco Fury Finally gets his chance at Azeem 1 on 1 in Cloverdale.  The fans want justice and Disco really wants to get even.
ASW Ladies Title 
Riea Von Slasher(Champion ) vs Bambi Hall
Bambi Hall has beat all comers since loosing the ASW WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP last October. Bambi has had wins over Washington State Star, Sunni Daze and up and comer Vixxen. Since then Riea Von Slasher has been in Las Vegas, Oregon and throughout BC enjoying the traveling and wrestling life as a champion.  Riea Von Slasher has dismantled all opposition since winning the title but now these two ladies finally get to settle the score on who wants it more!
ASW Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat
Matt XStatic(Champion ) vs Adam Ryder vs The Great Kasaki
You can fly threw the air with the greatest of ease its only the landing that’s painful.  3 cruiserweights at the top of there game but there can only be one winner.  Folks you just have to see this live as you will be electrified!
Cougar Meat Collin Cutler vs Jorel Nelson
Returning Cougar Meat Kid will be facing the new Fan Favourite Jorel Nelson.  This will be a fast paced hard hitting battle and the winner of this match will elevate himself to the next level!
Tickets Available
Central City Comix
10221 King George hwy

Comic Scene
Evergreen mall
8912 152nd st
604 582 2877

Or online!

$20 Front Row and $15 General Admission
 For more information call 604 710 0872


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