All Star Wrestling presents FRIGHT NIGHT 2

Friday October 24., 8PM(doors open at 7:15)
Cloverdale Fairgrounds(Alice McKay Building)
6050 176 th STREET SURREY
ASW Tag Team Titles
Featuring former WWE superstar, Jinder Mahal & Gama Singh Jr vs Cougar Meat(Champions)
Ladies and Gentleman this will be the battle of the best for the ASW Tag Team Championships.
Cougar Meat is by far the best that British Columbia has to offer as far as tag team wrestling goes.  They have taken on all comers and have been the winners but now they have to defend against there biggest and toughest opponents to date.  Gama Singh Jr and former WWE and 3 Man Band member Jinder Mahal.  Get ready to be on your feet and entertained like never before as this will take you on a ride like only All Star Wrestling can take you!
ASW Heavyweight Title 2/3 Falls
Gangrel The Vampire Warrior(Champion) vs The Cremator
The Cremator is one of the most feared men in the Pacific Northwest.  His in ring ability is relentless to his opponents unfortunately for him though on the other side of the ring is non other then ASW Trans Canada Champion The Vampire Warrior Gangrel.  Gangrel is probably the only man in ASW that doesn’t fear anyone.  Infact he has beaten anyone who has been in his path.  Fans this will be a battle of Living Dead!
Moondog Manson Hardcore Battle Royal
The Toga Boy, The Breakers, Flexx, Jason Cage, Kwick Kick Kirk, Fabulous Fabio, Don Ciever, Johnny Hoang, Salty Seaman, Mr India and more!
The World Extreme Hardcore Champion Moondog Manson loves a battle so……He invited any and every one who thinks they have the intestinal fortitude to step in the ring for a slobberknocker of a fight.  What will happen when these men step in the ring and who will win…
ASW Ladies Title
Riea Von Slasher vs Bambi Hall(Champion)
…Living dead girl vs 2nd generation
These 2 women have beaten each other from coast to coast and now they meet in Cloverdale for the ASW Ladies Championship.  Riea Von Slasher is a powerful women with brains to go with it.  Bambi Hall on the other hand has the looks, The Skill and the drive.  Bambi is also the current ASW ladies champion but will she keep it around her waist or will Riea walk away the champion….
Anything Goes 6 Man
Disco Fury, Great Kasaki & Nate Daniels vs Azeem The Dream, Johnny Obsession & Christopher Ryseck
The Americans (Azeem, Johnny and Ryseck) have beaten, out smartened and straight up blinded there competition.  No matter what it takes they seem to be winning at all costs.  Nate Daniels, The Great Kasaki and the returning from eye Surgery DISCO FURY will be trying to end the Americans win streak.  I think folks this one will get ugly but that’s ok after all it is getting close to Halloween.  I sense Bad Blood and it may just be seen spewing!
#1 Contenders Tag Team Match
Winners to receive title shot November 14th in Vancouver
Matt XStatic & Adam Ryder vs Nick Price & Travis Sionys
High flying, Mat wrestling, Hard hitting action will happen in this match.  All have something to prove.  All have been singles winners but which 2 guys will be the number 1 contenders for the ASW TAG TEAM TITLES……Lets sit back and watch but hold on tight as its going to be a bumpy road!!!
Plus much more!
Tickets $20 FRONT ROW $15 General Admission
Tickets on sale now!
Available at:
Central City Comix-10221 King George Hwy, Surrey
Comics Scene-8912 152nd., Surey
Join us after the show at Rusty’s Pub 17770 56 Ave, Surrey