Alleged package thief Taranjot Singh Grewal of Delta facing charges

THE Delta Police Street Crime Unit arrested Taranjot Singh Grewal, 40, of Delta on December 5 after he was observed stealing a parcel from the doorstep of a residence in the 9200-block of 118th Street.

“Our officers were very pleased to stop this real life holiday Grinch in his tracks,” says Cris Leykauf, public affairs manager at Delta Police.

Grewal is currently facing five charges stemming from this incident and a related earlier incident. He is charged with three counts of theft of mail, from three addresses on 116th Street, 118th Street and Carver Crescent. He is also charged with theft of a pickup canopy from November 16 and possession of stolen mail from that same day.

Delta Police say that unfortunately package theft can be an issue at this time of year. The public can help safeguard against package theft by:

– Scheduling deliveries for times you will be home
– Having packages delivered to your work.
– Requiring all packages to be signed for
– Buddying up with a neighbor who will watch for package deliveries, or agree to have packages delivered to their house.
– Installing security cameras that may act as a deterrent
– Giving instructions to the package delivery service – some services allow you to provide instructions on where to leave packages
Grewal attended Surrey Court on December 10, and has been remanded into police custody until December 24. He is considered a prolific property offender by police.