BC NDP take aim at Clark for allegedly working for her rich donors

ONE week before the start of the election campaign, the BC NDP announced on Sunday it is launching three new TV ads focused on Premier Christy Clark’s record.

BC NDP Deputy Director Glen Sanford said the ads are part of a strategy to focus on Clark’s record of supporting her rich friends while making life more expensive for British Columbians.

“Christy Clark gave a billion dollar tax break to the top 2% and paid for it by hiking fees on everyone else,” said Sanford. “In this campaign, John Horgan will be holding Christy Clark accountable for consistently putting her rich donors ahead of regular British Columbians.”

The ads hit the airwaves on Monday:

Paying More: https://youtu.be/LrtKRkCGqQY
Housing Crisis: https://youtu.be/n7AMdzlyZ3M
Investigation: https://youtu.be/Hu5big9IvaQ