Andrew Sheer calls for inquiry into Vice-Admiral Norman Affair

Andrew Scheer
Photo: Vinnie Combow

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Andrew Scheer on Friday demanded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau conduct a formal, public inquiry into the Vice-Admiral Mark Norman Affair.

In a statement, Scheer said: “Today, the Globe and Mail confirmed that the RCMP investigation that ultimately led to a criminal charge against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was initiated by Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau has denied any political involvement in Vice-Admiral Norman’s case for weeks but we now know that is not true. His fingerprints have been all over this case since Day 1.

“We now know Justin Trudeau interfered in this case. He inappropriately anticipated the results of the RCMP investigation by suggesting that it would ‘likely end up before the courts.’ He later said it would ‘inevitably’ lead to ‘court processes.’ Both statements are highly prejudicial.”

Scjheer added: “As with the SNC-Lavalin Affair, Justin Trudeau is going to great lengths to keep the truth from coming out. This week he used his majority to shut down an investigation, and government officials prevented the full release of documents to Vice-Admiral Norman’s defence counsel throughout the course of the trial. These documents ultimately led to his exoneration and Canadians deserve to know why the government tried so hard to keep them hidden.

“Justin Trudeau’s actions are an affront to the principles of fundamental justice, and to the institutions that make Canada the best country in the world. The Prime Minister must immediately and personally apologize to Vice-Admiral Norman and his family and conduct a formal, public inquiry into this affair.

“Canadians deserve answers. Conservatives will continue working to expose Justin Trudeau’s appalling behaviour in this case and to hold him to account.”