B.C. Liberals accuse John Horgan for a raft of ‘lies’

THE B.C. Liberals on Sunday slammed NDP Leader John Horgan, alleging that he “attempted to make a power grab by calling a snap election and no one was buying it.”

They added: “So the next day he trotted out another reason: it was all [Green Party Leader] Sonia Furstenau’s fault.

That didn’t work out well.

“And for old time’s sake, he tried one more time but no one was buying it — yet again.

“Then it was off to Surrey where John didn’t tell the truth about funding for the Surrey hospital — there’s no money in the budget, just ask [MLAs] Rachna Singh and Jinny Sims.

“And then it was off to Maple Ridge for some more mistruths around child care and more blame for the Greens.

“Then the issue of housing came up and guess what? He was fudging the numbers again.

“Horgan was again challenged on when he decided to call a snap election and his ‘I woke up Saturday’ was rightly mocked.

“And even after a week, John still couldn’t tell British Columbians why he put them in this position.”