B.C. Liberals: NDP star candidate will fight to kill LNG

THE B.C. Liberals say that while NDP Leader John Horgan brags about his conversion to LNG, one of his star NDP candidates is actively opposing the project.

NDP Vancouver-Hastings candidate, and senior campaigner for U.S.-based Stand.earth, Niki Sharma, in June, said: “This is just the beginning of our fight to expose LNG for what it truly is: another climate catastrophe.”

And on Saturday, Sharma’s friends at Stand.earth — launched a fundraising campaign to try and stop these good-paying jobs.

“Right now — while the BC government is listening to us and try to win our votes — is the moment to wield our political power,” reads the letter.

Sharma was supported for the nomination by NDP heavyweights George Heyman and David Eby, who as Environment Minister and Attorney General respectively, have actively worked to thwart resource developments, say the B.C. Liberals.

They say Horgan has proven he can’t be trusted — he broke his word to Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau, he broke the fixed election date law, and he can’t tell the truth about why there’s an election during a pandemic.

So the question is: can we trust John Horgan when he says one thing on LNG in Skeena and his star candidate is saying something else in Vancouver?