Bait packages aim to deter thefts of parcels in New Westminster

THE New Westminster Police Department is working in partnership with community members to reduce parcel theft with the help of bait packages.

The Street Crime Unit, the Crime Reduction Unit and frontline patrol officers will deploy numerous packages on doorsteps and in mailboxes across the city. The bait packages will be placed at a prearranged residence or mailbox with the homeowner’s consent. The packages contain technology that will help police identify and track down anyone who attempts to steal the package.

“Families in New Westminster don’t need their holidays ruined by having packages stolen,” said Media Relations Officer Sgt. Justine Thom. “We’re hoping these bait packages will make thieves think twice before grabbing something off a porch especially during this busy holiday season.”

While the bait packages aim to deter parcel theft, police are encouraging the public to reduce the opportunity for thieves to steal packages. They suggest residents coordinate with neighbours to look out for deliveries.

“We’re asking people to have items delivered to locations where someone will be available to receive them, such as an office rather than home,” said Sgt. Justine Thom. “We also encourage people to check their mailboxes regularly and consider shipping insurance for costly items.”

The New Westminster Police Department said it plans to use the high-tech crime-fighting tool year-round.