BC Container Trucking Commissioner’s office issues stakeholder consultation report

THE Office of the British Columbia Container Trucking Commissioner (OBCCTC) has issued a consultation report that summarizes responses heard from stakeholders during consultation around proposed changes to the current container trucking services licence and application process and tag management policy.

Consultation with stakeholders began on September 25, 2019, and concluded on February 28, 2020. The OBCCTC heard from various stakeholders through written submissions, industry advisory committee meetings, focus groups and consultation sessions.

“It was an extensive and fulsome process with participation from a wide range of stakeholders. I would like to thank everyone for their input,” said Michael Crawford, B.C. Container Trucking Commissioner. “Stakeholders have helped us shape the licence reforms and tag policy amendments. Our aim is to increase compliance, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Gateway and to encourage professionalization within the industry.”

Decisions made around licence reforms and tag policy amendments will be incorporated into the upcoming licensing application process.

Read the full consultation report.

Quick facts:

Licence reforms:

  • The current five-truck minimum licence criteria will be maintained.
  • Joint licence applications will not be accepted; however, current joint licensees will be permitted to apply for a single licence even if their fleet size is less than five trucks, provided they satisfy all remaining mandatory licensing requirements.
  • The target range for number of truck tags issued will be 1450-1550.
  • Licences will be issued on a two-year term.
  • New applicants can apply for a licence but will only be considered after existing licensees have been reviewed and if there are remaining truck tags.
  • Allocation of company and independent operator (I/O) truck tags for existing licensees will be determined by assessing an applicant’s business case, compliance history and fleet efficiency data. For new applicants, only the business case will be assessed.

Tag management policy amendments:

  • CTC Tags for trucks exclusively engaged in performing off-dock container trucking services will not be issued.
  • The I/O list will remain in place with amendments to allow licensees to nominate drivers to be placed on the I/O list to fill vacancies within their fleet.