B.C. government takes key actions to benefit truck drivers, sector

Claire Trevena

THE British Columbia government announced on Thursday that it is moving forward with several key actions that will benefit container truck drivers and the sector, both now and into the future, creating a new phase in the relationship with the container truck industry in British Columbia.

The government will implement the majority of the recommendations from the B.C. container trucking commissioner’s rate and renumeration report to ensure balance, stability and competitiveness of the trucking sector. As well, container truck drivers in B.C. will receive an adjusted rate structure, which includes a 2% trip and hourly rate increase to help offset higher operational costs, effective June 1, 2019. The rate structure will help ensure fair compensation for drivers and increases will vary depending on the trip and the hours worked.

“I would like to thank the B.C. Container Trucking Commissioner for consulting industry and providing recommendations that will help restore balance in the container trucking industry,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “As a result, we are creating an enhanced rate structure and implementing several measures, which will benefit more than 1,700 hard-working British Columbians and their families. With these actions, we are delivering on our commitment to act on the 2014 Joint Action Plan, and we are going even further to benefit drivers and the industry.”

“Many industry stakeholders participated in the rate review. The recommendations in the report reflect their input and I want to thank each of them for their efforts,” said Michael Crawford, B.C. Container Trucking Commissioner. “Government’s measured approach to the implementation of the recommendations benefits drivers and will ensure the ongoing stability and advancement of the sector.”

Since receiving the report, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has been consulting with key stakeholders in the container trucking sector, including companies, driver representatives and other industry stakeholders, to gather feedback on an implementation plan that is measured, fair, and that maintains sector stability and competitiveness.