BC in 2030: BC Liberals launch policy consultation

WHAT will British Columbia look like in 2030 – and how can we ensure a prosperous, affordable, and sustainable future for every region, community, and family?

That’s the question BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals are asking British Columbians through BC in 2030, the party’s online policy consultation launched on Wednesday.

“As BC Liberals, we’re at our best when we advance a big vision to meet the everyday needs of hard-working British Columbians – delivering milestone investments like the Canada Line, the 2010 Olympics, and the LNG opportunity,” said Wilkinson. “But we won’t win the next election on the achievements of the past. The input we get through BC in 2030 will help us choose the next wave of bold solutions to big challenges, so we can deliver opportunity for all of BC.”

As part of BC in 2030, BC Liberal members and the broader public will be invited to participate in a series of three online surveys:

  • Our Economy in 2030 – focused on growing our economy, reducing taxes, and achieving lasting prosperity in the face of global challenges.
  • Our People and Communities in 2030 – centered on affordability, transit and transportation, and liveability in every part of BC.
  • Our Environment in 2030 – aimed at protecting BC’s natural splendour and tackling climate change so we leave our province even better for future generations.

The broad-based consultation, featuring open-ended questions that allow participants maximum opportunity for input, will compliment the grassroots policy resolution process engaging BC Liberal riding associations and members in the lead-up to the party’s October convention.

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