BC Liberal MLAs: Throne Speech promises little to improve education, affordability for Surrey

Stephanie Cadieux

BC Liberal MLAs in Surrey claim that the BC NDP government’s latest Throne Speech contained disappointingly little about government’s plans to make life better for families in Surrey and throughout the province.

They say while education and affordability are top of mind for Surrey residents, the NDP’s Throne Speech contains no real specifics in either of those areas.

“Surrey families will tell you that getting students out of portables and into proper classrooms is a number one priority – but there’s nothing new in this Throne Speech to help accomplish that,” says Surrey South MLA Stephanie Cadieux. “Instead, this Throne Speech shows government plans to stay the course – the same course that’s seen Surrey’s portable count grow to 333. The NDP made big promises, and Surrey residents deserve to see their government follow through.”

The NDP campaigned on eliminating Surrey portables within four years, with half of them gone within two. But a year and a half into this government’s mandate, school project construction has been delayed and the portable count has risen.

“Despite containing multiple mentions of affordability, this Throne Speech doesn’t include any specifics on how the NDP actually plans to make life better for British Columbians,” says Surrey-White Rock MLA Tracy Redies. “So far we’ve seen the NDP government introduce and increase 19 taxes, which do nothing to provide financial relief for B.C. families. With uncertain economic times ahead, it’s more important than ever for government to be spearheading economic growth strategies not just relying on increasing taxes to balance the books.”

“This Throne Speech confirms the NDP has no plan to create jobs whatsoever,” says Surrey-Cloverdale MLA Marvin Hunt. “January’s job figures show the province lost 13,900 full-time jobs, and the Premier admits many British Columbians are forced to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. This simply isn’t good enough – Surrey residents deserve better.”