BC Liberal Party Executive: Rebuilding and renewal of party

THE BC Liberal Party Executive met on Friday and agreed to important steps in the party’s rebuilding and renewal, according to a party press release.

Those steps include:

* Immediately initiating an independent debrief of the 2020 election campaign, to include interviews with campaign team members and input from candidates, campaign managers, and volunteers.
* Launching a grassroots outreach process that will include a series of virtual meetings and a range of volunteer-driven advisory committees – focused on engaging under-represented groups within the party, fostering open and honest conversations about the party’s future direction, and exploring alternative approaches to candidate nominations.
* Agreeing to appoint a neutral, independent Leadership Election Organizing Committee that will consult party members on the timing and arrangements for the upcoming leadership race, then develop rules, procedures, and timelines for the approval of the Executive.
These initiatives recognize that now is the time for serious and exciting debates about the party’s principles, processes, and future – and the doors must be open to every British Columbian who wants a better future for our province, said the press release.