BC Liberal statement on Pink Shirt Day

INTERIM Leader of the Official Opposition Shirley Bond released the following statement on Wednesday for Pink Shirt Day:

“Today our BC Liberal Caucus is proud to wear pink for the fourteenth annual Pink Shirt Day here in British Columbia as we do our part to raise awareness about the impacts of bullying.

“British Columbians, especially our children, deserve the right to work and play in safe, inclusive environments free of intimidation and bullying.

“We must take every opportunity to lift each other up and ensure that students feel safe from bullying in the classroom, on the playground, and now confront the issue of cyberbullying as well.

“It’s important that we provide our children with the supports and resources necessary to thrive and succeed while fostering a climate of respect and inclusivity in person and online. It is only though education and a commitment to kindness that we can hope to create a world without bullying.

“A single act of kindness has literally changed the world. When two students in Nova Scotia made a decision to stand up for a Grade 9 student who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school, a global movement began. In the spirit of those students who started Pink Shirt Day, our BC Liberal Caucus reaffirms our commitment to safe and inclusive environments and our opposition to bullying and intimidation in our communities and province.

“While Pink Shirt Day happens once a year, we need to stand up together against bullying every day, all year long.”