BC Liberals announce formation of Leadership Election Organizing Committee

THE BC Liberal Party’s Executive has announced the establishment of a Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) that will administer the upcoming leadership race.

The members of LEOC are:

  • Co-Chair Roxanne Helme of Victoria
  • Co-Chair Colin Hansen of Vancouver
  • Derek Lew of Vancouver
  • Sarah Sidhu of Port Moody
  • Don Silversides of Prince Rupert
  • Cameron Stolz of Prince George
  • Jackie Tegart of Ashcroft

“I am honoured to be involved in this important initiative and excited to be part of renewing and ever strengthening our BC Liberal Party,” said Helme.

“This is an historic time for our party as we embark on the process of selecting a new leader who will unite our coalition and put British Columbians first,” said LEOC Hansen.

The committee has been tasked with determining the timeline for the election, establishing the rules that will guide the race, and implementing the process by which members will elect the leader.

“The election of a new leader is an integral part of the renewal and rebuilding process that the BC Liberal Party and its members are currently engaged in,” said Lindsay Cote, Interim Executive Director of the BC Liberal Party. “I want to thank the members of LEOC for dedicating their time and expertise to this extremely important process that will have a significant impact on the future of both the party and the province.”

All members of the party’s executive and LEOC have pledged to remain neutral throughout the leadership process to ensure fairness and accountability.