BC Liberals lay out housing affordability plan

AS part of their plan to create more affordable housing options for homebuyers and renters, the BC Liberals on Friday announced a comprehensive housing strategy that will unleash the power of the private sector to help build more homes.

“Today, we are presenting a $1.75 billion housing plan that will dramatically increase supply, remove barriers to new housing developments, and make renting and homeownership more affordable for British Columbians,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “Our housing platform is backed up with serious money — $1.75 billion over three years in capital funding and $146 million in new operating funding — to increase supply and affordability across the entire housing spectrum so that all British Columbians can have a place to call home.”

The BC Liberals said that under John Horgan and the NDP, average rents and property taxes continue to increase and fewer people can afford to buy homes. Horgan promised to create 114,000 more affordable homes last election and so far has only opened 2,963 mostly temporary units — at this rate, it would take him more than 100 years to fulfil his promise.

“Our housing plan will also provide real relief for condo and townhome owners affected by the strata crisis, implement higher property-taxes for non-residents of Canada, and modernize the outdated permitting system,” said Wilkinson. “We need to restore confidence in the housing market and rebuild B.C. so that everyone can have an affordable place to call home.”

The BC Liberals said that as Horgan and the NDP continue to mislead voters on the need for this risky, unnecessary election, Wilkinson and the BC Liberal team are focused on bringing forward housing ideas that restore confidence and will help rebuild B.C.