BC NDP – 49%, BC Liberals – 33%, BC Greens – 14%: Angus Reid Institute

WITH a week to go before the final day of voting on October 24, the BC NDP continues to hold a double-digit lead (49%) over the second-place BC Liberals (33%). The Greens, at 14 per cent, remain stuck in third place with a less committed vote base than the other parties, according to the non-profit Angus Reid Institute.

However, with the Green leader’s momentum surging, it is worth noting the party is the most common second choice for voters who have not yet locked in their choice.

Other key findings:

– Among those who saw the debate or read about it and watched clips afterward, NDP leader John Horgan was chosen as having performed best by the largest number (29%). Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau was seen as best by 23 per cent, while 15 per cent chose Andrew Wilkinson, the leader of the BC Liberals.

– John Horgan continues to be most appealing to voters. More than half of potential voters view Horgan this way (54%) compared to 46 per cent for Furstenau and just 24 per cent for Wilkinson.

– Half of voters say they will support the BC NDP (49%) while one-in-three will vote for the BC Liberals (33%). Despite BC Green leader Sonia Furstenau’s strong showing Tuesday night, just 14 per cent say they will vote for her party, unchanged from before the debate.