BC RCMP COVID-19 road checks in place this weekend

AS part of the British Columbia provincial ban on non-essential travel, the BC RCMP will be establishing COVID-19 Travel Restriction Road Checks at select locations starting on Thursday, May 6.

The checks are part of the provincial enforcement actions that are meant to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 throughout the province by limiting travel between three regions: Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, and Norther/Interior.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Road Checks will be located at:

* Highway 1 in the Boston Bar area
* Highway 3 in the Manning Park area
* Highway 5 in the Old Toll Booth area
* Highway 99 in the Lillooet area

People traveling for essential reasons through those areas can expect traffic delays. Signage will be in place informing travelers of upcoming road check locations and providing safe u-turn routes should motorists determine that their travel is not essential and wish to avoid the road check. Commercial vehicles will not be subject to road checks.

At the road check locations police officers will be asking for identification from drivers, documentation regarding the driver’s name and address, and the purpose for the driver’s travel.

If an officer determines that a person is travelling for non-essential reasons they will be directed to leave the region. Those refusing to do so may face fines under the Emergency Program Act.

The RCMP encourage everyone to avoid non-essential travel at this time. For more information regarding provincial enforcement, visit the BC Government COVID-19 information pages.