BCIBN has important dialogue with Andrew Scheer before his India visit

LAST week, the BC India Business Network (BCIBN) held a sold-out lunch event with Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition, to give him feedback and suggestions from the South Asian business community before his trip to India.


Andrew Scheer

The dialogue featured Vivek Savkur, President and CEO of BCIBN, and was moderated by former federal minister Stockwell Day, who also serves on the BCIBN board of advisors. The focus of the event was how to improve the important trade and strategic relationship between Canada and India, with a specific focus on British Columbia. It was a lively event with interesting questions from the audience.

Many dignitaries were in attendance including MP Mark Warawa, former federal minister Herb Dhaliwal, philanthropist Hari Varshney, former federal minister Kerry­-Lynne Findlay and many others.


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