NDP “plan” a multi-billion dollar crater for B.C. economy: Liberals

Mike de Jong

THE Liberals said on Thursday that after 1,075 days as head of the Opposition, John Horgan finally released a ‘platform’ document containing a multi-billion-dollar crater for BC’s economy. The BC NDP document doesn’t add up, which will lead to deficits, downgrades, and massive tax hikes on middle class families.
“After promising billions in reckless spending, the BC NDP’s John Horgan was specifically asked today if he was prepared to rule out tax increases. His response was to duck and dodge,” said Liberal candidate Mike de Jong. “This document is a five-alarm warning to British Columbian families.”
The BC NDP document fails to account for:
* $1.7 billion in lost revenue on Medical Service Premiums
* ICBC freeze
* Hydro rate freeze
* Higher interest payments as a result of the credit downgrades the NDP document would produce.
The NDP also made up $680 million in phantom savings, giving no details to how these would be achieved, de Jong claimed.
“The consequences of this NDP billion-dollar crater are an automatic credit downgrade, higher debt, guaranteed deficits, and massive tax hikes on BC’s middle class,” said de Jong. “Very simply, this BC NDP plan is not costed, not believable, and not balanced for BC families.”
“John Horgan was part of the same gang that cooked the books before the 1996 provincial election,” said de Jong. “The NDP plan was phony then, it’s phony today and will lead to debt and taxes for the middle class.”