What others are saying about NDP platform

John Horgan

ON Thursday, NDP Leader John Horgan released the BC NDP plan to build a Better BC with commitments to create good jobs, improve services and make life more affordable. Here’s what people are saying about it:

* “I’d say his cleverly packaged campaign promises give the NDP their best shot at ending the Liberal dynasty and pulling off the upset on May 9.” — Mike Smyth, Vancouver Province
* “For all the unanswered questions and potential controversies to come, the NDP passed the first test of building an election platform. To govern is to choose, as saying goes. On Thursday, John Horgan signalled that it is time for some different choices than the ones the B.C. Liberals have been making for the last 16 years.” — Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
* “Call it the NDP mullet platform: balanced business up front, capital spending in the back.” — Justin McElroy, CBC.ca
* “The Mayors’ Council is encouraged by the BC NDP’s platform commitments to improve transportation across Metro Vancouver.” — New Westminster Mayor Jonathan Cote, Chair of the Mayors’ Council Funding Strategy Committee
* “Very impressed so far with BCNDP platform. Smart. Good details on fiscal plan, clear affordability priorities.” — Tzeporah Berman, environmentalist
* “The NDP platform meets our recommendations on housing. Would make BC affordable for renters & could solve chronic homelessness” — Kishone Roy, CEO, BC Non-Profit Housing Association
* “@bcndp platform is out & gives *much* greater prominence to the OD crisis & #fentanyl than @bcliberals. Encouraging to see.” — Travis Lupick, Georgia Straight
* “#BCNDP will Make Every Vote Count! #PR4BC #bcpoli” — Fair Vote Vancouver
* “Yes! $10aDay Child Care is thoroughly costed & affordable for BC @CBCEarlyEdition #BCVotes2017 #10adayplan” — Sharon Gregson, Child care advocate.