Bitter controversy among parents whose children play for suspended Central City Breakers FC

A large number of parents were not allowed to attend the AGM.
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THERE is widespread bitterness and anger among a large section of parents who allege that they were deliberately prevented from attending Wednesday’s annual general meeting of the Central City Breakers FC that has been suspended by South District Girls’ Soccer Association as well as by the Surrey Metro Soccer Association.

The meeting was held at Surrey’s Riverside Signature Hall at 13030 76 Avenue and those not allowed to enter the hall said that were far more people outside than inside. They alleged that the AGM was illegal and that they would go to court over the matter. Surrey RCMP officers were present to keep the peace.

On Monday (July 27) the Surrey Metro Soccer Association announced on their website that they had “suspended Central City Football Club (CCB) as a member effective immediately,” adding that it “may be in breach of the SMSA and BC Soccer Rules and Regulations, Rule 10 – Discipline.”

On July 24, the South District Girls Soccer Association had announced that they had “suspended Central City Football Club (CCB) as a member effective immediately,” adding that “CCB may be in breach of SDGSA Rules and Regulations, Rule 10 – Discipline.”

The Central City Breakers FC responded on Tuesday by posting the following on their website:

“As you may have heard, the Club was informed at approximately 5 p.m. on Monday that it is under interim suspension from the District. The confusing letter provided by the District is attached below. The Club has already responded to the District requesting details of these complaints. The Club has also asked the District to explain the justification for imposing discipline on the Club without first providing details of these apparent complaints or an opportunity to address the allegations.

“Despite the wording in the District’s letter suggesting it has received multiple complaints about the Club, the Club has not been provided details of any complaints.

“The Club believes the District has acted unfairly in this matter and intends to pursue the issue with BC Soccer. The Club is also considering other avenues of recourse to attempt to rectify this egregious conduct by the District.”


Link to District’s letter and the CCB’s response to it: