Confusion and frustration as Central City Breakers FC suspended by South District Girls’ Soccer Association

THE Central City Breakers FC allege that they were suspended by South District Girls’ Soccer Association “without justification” after they “submitted a formal complaint to BC Soccer about the recent attempts by both the District and its Chair Bruce McCallum to influence the governance of our Club.”

The Breakers posted a letter on their website, stating: “As you may have heard, the Club was informed at approximately 4 p.m. on Friday that it is under interim suspension from the District. … The Club has already responded to the District requesting details of these complaints. The Club has also asked the District to explain the justification for imposing discipline on the Club without first providing details of these apparent complaints or an opportunity to address the allegations.

“To date the Club is aware of a single complaint made to the District. On July 22, 2015 the Club was provided a copy of the attached complaint submitted to the District by Mr. Amar Bains. A day later, on July 23rd, 2015, the Club wrote to the District asking whether it could respond to the allegations made by Mr. Bains. The following day we were provided the District’s letter informing us of this interim suspension. We note that Mr. Bains’ complaint is dated July 9, 2015. We are uncertain why the District waited 13 days to forward a copy of the complaint to the Club.

“Despite the wording in the District’s letter suggesting it has received multiple complaints about the Club, the Club has not been provided details of any other complaints.

“We are aware that District representatives have been contacting the Club’s members informing them of the interim suspension. Interestingly, on July 19th, 2015 the Club submitted a formal complaint to BC Soccer about the recent attempts by both the District and its Chair Bruce McCallum to influence the governance of our Club. Now the Club has been suspended by the District without justification.

“The Club believes the District has acted unfairly in this matter and intends to pursue the issue with BC Soccer. The Club is also considering other avenues of recourse to attempt to rectify this egregious conduct by the District.”

The Club also posted what they called “the confusing letter” provided by the District on their website:


THE South District Girls Soccer Association posted the following on their website last week on Friday (July 24):


South District Girls Soccer Assocation (SDGSA) has suspended Central City Football Club (CCB) as a member effective immediately.

CCB may be in breach of SDGSA Rules and Regulations, Rule 10  – DISCIPLINE.

i. Violated FIFA Laws of the game and/or the Associations game policies.

ii. Violated policies established from time to time by the District governing the conduct of members on and off the field.

iii. Conducted himself in a manner considered by the Board to be unbecoming a member registered with the District.

iv. Conducted himself in a considered by the Board not to be in the best interest of the game of soccer or the District.

v. Committed any act or made any statement either verbally or in writing, or been responsible for conduct, continuing misconduct or any other matter which, in the opinion of the Association, is considered to be ungentlemanly, insulting or improper behavior or likely to bring the game into disrepute.

SDGSA has launched an investigation into the allegations raised in the complaints. Due to the grievous allegations in the complaints, pursuant to the SDGSA’s Policies and Procedures, specifically, Discipline (c) and Discipline (d), the SDGSA is suspending the Club’s membership in SDGSA until the outcome of a Discipline Hearing.

While under suspension, the CCB players and teams will not be able to:

* Register female youth players into the SDGSA; and

* Participate in any BC Soccer-sanctioned events


THE SDGSA explained that CCB needs to be a member of SDGSA to enable any of its female teams or female players to participate in any BC Soccer-sanctioned leagues and events, including the Metro Select League, the BC Coastal Girls Soccer League, South District Girls Soccer League and  the Prospect Development Series. CCB players can only play in non BC Soccer-sanctioned tournaments while CCB is under suspension. CCB will remain suspended until the outcome of a discipline hearing.