Blanket BC trying to collect 10,000 blankets

The Blanket BC Society wants to collect 10,000 blankets in just two days.

Executive Director Gregory Ould says the fifth annual “Drive on the Line” campaign along the Canada Line happens Friday and Saturday..

“The weather is turning. We’re going to need as many blankets as we can get. This year, Blanket BC also wants to donate blankets to shelters as far north as we can get. The more blankets, the merrier,” he said.

“In 2011, we actually hit our highest number to date, which was 8,400 blankets. Last year, we did 6,200. But I really think the fifth year in, we can do 10,000,” he added.

The society says it will also gladly accept gloves, scarves, and socks, and toques.

The drop-off locations along the Canada Line:

Vancouver City Centre
Broadway/City Hall
Bridgeport Station
Landsdown Station
Richmond Brighouse