Burnaby Citizens Association delivers three new recreation centres at no cost to taxpayers

Derek Corrigan (right) with Baljinder K. Narang.

DEREK Corrigan and the Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA) on Monday announced three new multi-service community and recreation centres in the Burnaby neighbourhoods of Lougheed, Brentwood and Burnaby Heights as part of their $400 million capital plan.
“The plans are well-advanced on all the new recreation centres and the funding will come from our reserves—not taxpayers pockets,” said Mayor Corrigan. “All of our funding for public amenities are a direct result of us allowing higher density in Town Centres.”
The announcement includes the replacement of the Cameron-Lougheed library and community centre as well as a new pool; a new recreation centre at Willingdon Park to serve the growing Brentwood area and a new recreation centre at Confederation Park to serve the Burnaby Heights area.
“We will work with the people in our neighbourhoods to get these new community recreation centres built and know they will provide years of enjoyment in the heart of three of our neighbourhoods,” said Paul McDonell, a BCA City Councillor and Chair of Burnaby’s Parks Commission.
“I’ve been the School Trustee representative on the Parks and Recreation Commission,” said BCA City Councillor candidate, Baljinder K. Narang. “I know how excited everyone is to build these new centres with access for everyone and programs that serve the whole community.”
The City of Burnaby’s Parks and Recreation has over 30 facilities including six community
recreation centres open to everyone. Burnaby recreation centres also offer a Credit Program for those in financial need.


  1. This is lovely news, but doesn’t really speak to the issues associated with demovictions and afforeable rentals in the city. Mayor Corrigan needs to describe in detail the plan to protect renters in the city.

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