Caber – Canada’s first Justice Facility Dog – passes away

Photo: Delta Police

THE Delta Police Department (DPD) on Monday announced the passing away of a retired family member, Caber, who was also Canada’s first Victim Services Justice Facility Dog. Caber was a trailblazer.

Working with victims of trauma and crime, Caber became a provider of stability for many who needed a supporting hand.  Caber received approval to work within the courtroom, a first in Canada and internationally, and supported witnesses and victims on the stand while they provided evidence.

Because of Caber’s work, over 70 Justice Facility Dogs across Canada are now providing support to those who need it.  Caber provided nine years of service to the DPD, working to support over 2,100 victims of crime and trauma.

From standing beside victims in BC and Canadian courtrooms, being instrumental in support during local tragedies like the murder of Laura Szendrei, to providing integral support in communities such as Fort McMurray after the devastating 2016 wildfire, Caber’s contribution was both profound and far-reaching. His incredible journey took him even to the aftermath of the 2017 Las Vegas Route 91 mass casualty shooting, where he worked tirelessly with the FBI’s Office for Victims Assistance.

Delta Police said: “Caber held a special place in the DPD family.  Besides coming into work for his official duties, Caber also naturally offered comfort and support to our team. To Caber’s handler and mom, Kim, your DPD family offers our sincerest condolences on Caber’s passing.

“As we remember and celebrate Caber’s life, we are reminded of the profound difference one dog, paired with a dedicated handler, can make in countless lives. Let’s cherish these memories, appreciate his exceptional journey, and pay respect to the enduring legacy he leaves behind.

“Caber also had a large social media presence, educating followers about the significant contributions of Justice Facility Dogs. We encourage the public to share condolences and memories of Caber by emailing or through his Facebook page, “K9 Caber.””