Cadieux highlights need for addressing accessibility in B.C.

BC Liberal Critic for Gender Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Stephanie Cadieux highlighted the need for long-overdue legislation to ensure that everyone is able to equally access our province. She pointed out that what many can accomplish without a second thought, such as navigating a shared space, a narrow sidewalk or a crowded bus, is often not possible for the almost 25 per cent of British Columbians who identify as having a disability, she said.

Cadieux said that the NDP promised accessibility legislation would be brought forward last fall, but instead called an election. Now three weeks into the spring session, the NDP has yet to act to address accessibility.

Cadieux has previously introduced a private members bill, the Building Amendment Act, that would require all new multi-unit housing to consider accessibility – however the NDP has failed to bring it forward to debate. Until government action is taken, the burden will remain on the shoulders of those already living with a disability to continue their advocacy, she said.


 Stephanie Cadieux speaks on accessibility in B.C.