Canada Line service is coming back up (update)

5:17 p.m.:

The medical emergency has been resolved and Canada line service is coming back up. Be advised it will take time to get things back to normal and clear the accumulated crowds.



A medical emergency at Olympic Village Station has caused a disruption to Canada Line service between.

Trains are turning back at King Edward Station. A bus bridge is being set up between King Edward and Waterfront. There is no Canada line service between waterfront and King Edward.

TransLink expects this to be the case for at least three hours.

A shuttle train is now in place with limited service between King Edward and Waterfront Stations. The train will not be stopping at Olympic Village Station. That station is currently closed. The bus bridge will stay in place to help manage crowds.

Expo and Millennium Lines are unaffected, and are running normally.

Riders seeking alternative routes to SkyTrain are encouraged to consult TransLink’s Trip Planner ( online, and select “Don’t Use SkyTrain” under advanced search settings, or contact the customer information desk (604-953-3333) for trip planning advice.