Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom Bennett condemns murder of atheist blogger in Bangladesh

ANDREW Bennett, Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom, on Thursday said that he was deeply troubled by the recent targeted killing of atheist blogger Ananta Bijoy Das in Bangladesh.

He said: “Canada condemns this murder and calls on authorities to protect the rights and the lives of all Bangladeshis.

“This is the latest in a series of attacks on advocates for freedom of expression and freedom of religion over the past several months. Avijit Roy and Oyashiqur Rahman, both vocal defenders of freedom of expression, were also killed earlier this year.

“Ananta Bijoy Das reportedly contributed to the blog started by Avijit Roy.

“Canada has welcomed Bangladesh’s commitment to pluralism and religious freedom, and we encourage further efforts by the government and all parties to uphold the right of all individuals to espouse their beliefs in peace and security, free from violent attack.”