Canadians hit by high grocery, rent and mortgage costs while Trudeau blames others: Federal NDP

IN reaction to grocery prices rising by 8.5 per cent and mortgages increasing to a record high of 30.6 per cent, federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said on Tuesday: “Today’s inflation numbers bear out what Canadian families already know – it costs more to put food on the table and for a roof over their heads. Canadians are working hard, playing by the rules and doing everything right, but they can’t seem to get ahead. While the cost of everything keeps climbing, their paychecks aren’t keeping up with the cost of living.”

He added: “Record interest rate hikes from the Bank of Canada are only increasing the pain. The key ingredients of inflation – grocery and gas prices – won’t go down because of interest rate hikes. And with a whopping 30 per cent increase to mortgage costs due to high interest rates, the Bank of Canada’s policies are causing the inflation that they are supposed to prevent.”

Singh said: “Canadians expect their government to make life better, but under Justin Trudeau, the cost of everything keeps rising and life gets harder. While the Prime Minister looks to blame other levels of government for the housing crisis and his new minister tells Canadians not to expect any new action on housing, Canadians are worried about high rent and mortgage costs.

“And make no mistake. Pierre Poilievre has shown us exactly who he is. Over nine years in government, he sided with the CEOs. Life got more expensive, and services were cut. He built an Ottawa that worked for the super-rich, not for you and your family.

“With Liberals and Conservatives, Ottawa isn’t working for you – it is working for the rich CEOs. It’s time to tip the scales back in your favour. New Democrats are fighting so you pay less and get more.”