City of Delta says it’s ready for ride-hailing

THE City of Delta announced on Thursday that it has put a simple, clear, and transparent process in place to ensure ride-hailing companies will be able to operate as soon as they are ready and the Province has allowed them to do so.

Ride-hailing companies wanting to operate in Delta will be required to pay a base annual business licence fee of $110 plus $25 per car with a cap per company of $1,500. This is consistent with the business licence fees paid by taxis that operate in Delta.

Delta Mayor George Harvie said: “We have established a simple and reasonable business licensing system for ride-hailing to ensure that we are treating ride-hailing companies and taxis fairly while allowing our residents to access improved transportation services. We look forward to ride-hailing companies operating in Delta as soon as the Province allows them to.”

He noted that Delta’s business licence fees for ride-hailing are the lowest announced fees in the region. This interim approach will allow for ride-hailing companies to operate in the community while Delta continues working with its regional counterparts to establish an inter-municipal licensing system. At that point, the Delta‑specific fees would no longer be charged.