City of Surrey’s Lack Of Action Ruining Neighborhood

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Lack of action on part of City of Surrey has ruined a multi-million dollar neighbourhood with multiple suites, parking problems and dump yards, according to Yatin Shah a resident of that area.

Shah says the residents of the area have sent many e-mails to City of Surrey Managers and Mayor but no action has been taken against the errant landlords.

“I am dealing with City of Surrey since last one year on behalf of neighbourhood at 164 & 86 B Avenue. Main Problem Address is 16443 86B Ave, 16421 86B Avenue, 16467 86B Avenue & 16458 86B Avenue. All 4 properties have the same owner/landlord– Mr. Makhan Mann,” says Shah.

city of surrey

“We at neighbourhood were so pinched this year to pay almost $6,000 per house property tax as city is taking our money and not delivering value. Last complaint to City for basement suite at 16443 86B Avenue was made on June 8, 2013 followed up by call next week and was surprised to see that city did not open a file. I was told that file will be assigned to officer same day when called. Till date after 1 month file is still not open! We are wondering that city or their officers are favouring landlord and encouraging him to abuse the system. A million dollar nice neighbourhood has become nuisance, risky and a dump yard,” says Shah.

“This area is a CD zone and not even a single suite is allowed in this area. We really don’t know when the operation of the city officers will take action to remove all tenants from all illegal suites,” says Shah.