Sikh man detained at movie theatre for wearing kirpan demands apology

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A US-based Sikh couple has demanded an apology from AMC Theatres after they were forced to leave a California theatre after authorities there ‘detained’ the man for around 10 to 15 minutes because he was wearing a kirpan.

Reports emanating from the US state that Manjot Singh, who was on a night out with his wife to watch ‘Man of Steel’ at AMC cinemas in Emeryville in California on June 22, was made to stand in the lobby after being pulled away from the queue by theatre authorities. He now plans to sue the company.

In a statement, AMC Theatres has justified its decision stating that it has banned weapons of any sorts in its 347 theaters across the United States and Canada.

“Our ‘no weapons’ policy prohibits guests from carrying weapons of any kind into our theaters. This national policy is for the safety and security of our guests and staff,” it said.

Manjot Singh has approached United Sikhs to sue AMC Theatres and hopes to elicit an apology from them. “Sikhs are unfortunately often the target of ignorance and discrimination in the United States due to their unique appearance. But just like all other American citizens, Manjot Singh has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in all public accommodations,” said Manmeet Singh of United Sikh in a statement released to the media.

“What happened to this couple at the AMC Theatre in Emeryville – singling them out because of Manjot’s appearance – was inexcusable, and we want to make sure that this never happens again to another Sikh patron of the AMC chain,” the statement read.