City of Vancouver adds more support for renters

THE City of Vancouver announced on Wednesday that it is making early progress towards Council’s direction to develop a City of Vancouver Renters Office with the hiring of the first new staff member and the creation of a Renters Enquiry Line.

“We understand the extreme pressure renters in Vancouver face, which is why we are taking action to add immediate supports for renters at the City,” said  Sandra Singh, General Manager of Arts, Culture and Community Services. “The majority of households in Vancouver rent. A Renters Office helps us ensure these households have a place at the City to access timely information and receive support in exercising their tenancy rights under Provincial and City policies.”

The first dedicated staff member of the Renters Office is a Renter Advocacy and Support Services Officer, who will work to coordinate staff to improve City services for renters, to collaborate with and support external community-based renter serving organizations, and to work with rental advocates to support renters impacted by renovation and redevelopment.

A Renters Enquiry Line is also now operational providing information on City of Vancouver renter protection policies and helping renters in locating building-specific information. Renters can contact 604-673-8291 or The phone line and email is monitored daily and staff aim to respond within two business days.

City staff are expected to report back to Council in the coming weeks on additional actions to strengthen protections for renters through improvements to City policies, advocacy to partners at the Province, and the new services of a City of Vancouver Renters Office.