Conservatives play the race card in Burnaby South byelection

Michelle Rempel
Michelle Rempel: Playing the dirty race card like Stephen Harper did in the last election!

SHAME on the Conservatives and Michelle Rempel, the party’s critic for immigration, refugees and citizenship, for playing the race card in Burnaby where a byelection takes place in the Burnaby South federal riding next month.

In order to score points against the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, Rempel called for “a review of the security screening process for foreigners entering Canada,” obviously to anger Chinese Canadians in the riding because of the murder of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen in Burnaby’s Central Park in July 2017 in which a Syrian refugee, Ibrahim Ali, 28, is charged with first-degree murder.

It seems the Conservatives will keep on playing the divisive race card just like former prime minister Stephen Harper did on the niqab issue in the last election – something that backfired on him as disgusted Canadians decided to vote for Trudeau just to get rid of the Conservatives with their dirty tactics.

Rempel said: “Canadians are rightly concerned that there could be more cases like these where dangerous individuals are allowed freely into the country. That is why today I am calling for the Citizenship and Immigration Committee and the Public Safety and National Security Committee to immediately undertake a joint study into how our security screening process can be strengthened. Canadians must have confidence that their safety is being protected.”



  1. Are you serious with this article?! You really don’t see how letting in unvetted, dangerous cue-jumpers could be a bad idea? Around half a dozen different intelligence agencies that I’ve heard at least, identify certain regions as having a radical, ideological world view of around a rate of 20% by population. Nothing to do with RACE!

    However that you deride the efforts of this critic to warn the Canadian people of a clear and present danger is disingenuous partisan politics. I would think that an “Indo Canadian voice” would be slightly more cognizant of just who is being let in, and why we should vet all potential immigrants better. I think you should study up on what happened to Lebanon, and figure out what “racist” really means. Now days, it’s usually the last gasp of a dying argument.

    Have some respect for your country.

    • I have always supported legal and proper immigration. The point here is that Michelle Rempel came to Burnaby specifically to whip up racist feelings among the Chinese Canadian community in connection to the Marrisa Shen tragedy because of the by-election. This was unconscionable – the very dirty tactic that turned all decent Canadians against Stephen Harper in the last federal election when he tried to whip up anti-Muslim feelings. To imply that all Syrian refugees are a danger because of the action of one idiot is ridiculous.

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