Coast Mountain Bus Company: ‘We need a deal that’s realistic’

COAST Mountain Bus Company announced on Thursday that it was disappointed an agreement couldn’t be reached at the bargaining table. It said its enhanced proposal includes guaranteed recovery time, as well as previously offered wage increases “which are more generous than other public sector settlements in British Columbia.”

“This enhanced proposal directly focuses on working conditions. This is the exact issue the union has asked us to improve,” said CMBC President Michael McDaniel. “Wage demands over and above the increases we have already offered will come at the expense of services for customers. We need a deal that’s realistic. It’s time for the union to be willing to compromise.”

This latest offer includes new measures to address working conditions, something the union has said is a top priority. Once the company’s proposal is fully implemented:

  • Transit operators would be guaranteed at least 40 minutes of recovery time for every scheduled shift.
  • Under regular road conditions transit operators would be paid double time for any minute of recovery time they don’t receive under 40 minutes.

The proposal also clarifies that operators are permitted to use a washroom whenever necessary.

The offer builds on the improvements for working conditions and wages in previous CMBC proposals.

  • The top annual wage for operators will increase by about $6,100 over the next four years, bringing their annual salary to $69,900
  • The top annual wage for skilled trades will increase by about $10,000 over the next four years, bringing their annual salary to $88,000

CMBC is asking the union to be more realistic about wage demands, given that its current offer far exceeds public sector settlements in British Columbia.