Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer launches Save Local Business campaign

Andrew Scheer

ANDREW Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, on Tuesday launched a Save Local Business campaign, saying that the Trudeau Liberals are planning major tax increases on local businesses, which would threaten the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

“Canada’s Conservatives are fighting to save local business, and the jobs they create, from [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau’s latest tax hike. The Trudeau Liberals want to make local businesses pay more, regardless of the cost to jobs or the impact on local communities,” said Scheer.

He noted that Trudeau has previously said he believes that small businesses are mainly a way for the wealthy to save on their taxes.

Scheer added: “We’re not talking about multinational corporations. We’re talking about our neighbors. They’re the coffee shop owners, the farmers, and mechanics who are the heart and soul of our communities. These are good people, hardworking people, honest taxpayers who are being demonized by the Trudeau Liberals because the government can’t get its spending under control. There’s nothing fair about targeting local business.”

The Save Local Business campaign will reach out to Canadians and ask them to show their support for local businesses in their community.

“Canada’s Conservatives respect local businesses and the people who rely on them for a living,” said Scheer. “We’re fighting this tax hike every step of the way.”

The campaign website can be found at: