Corpse flower draws crowds at Bloedel Conservatory

The titan arum or corpse flower.
Photo: Bloedel Conservatory twitter

THE corpse flower is now in full and fetid bloom at Bloedel Conservatory.

The Park Board’s rare titan arum or corpse flower began blooming Sunday night and it’s been drawing crowds. The plant was dubbed “Uncle Fester” by Vancouverites in an on-line naming contest.

The corpse flower is notorious for smelling like a rotting carcass during its brief blooming period. Uncle Fester now fills Bloedel Conservatory with a rancid odour variously described as smelling like rotting meat, limburger cheese, sweaty socks and feces.

Bloedel Conservatory is extending its hours from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for the two-day blooming period to allow as many visitors as possible to experience the unmistakable odor. Regular admission rates apply and the public are advised to be prepared for long line-ups at the Conservatory

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