COVID-19 outbreaks at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Chilliwack General Hospital

FRASER Health on Sunday declared COVID-19 outbreaks at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Chilliwack General Hospital after evidence of transmission in a medicine unit at each site. 

One patient at Surrey Memorial Hospital and five patients at Chilliwack General Hospital have tested positive for COVID-19 as part of these outbreaks. The outbreaks are limited to one unit at each hospital. The units are temporarily closed to admissions

Upon declaring the outbreaks, Fraser Health immediately implemented precautions, including enhanced cleaning as well as contact tracing to protect the health of all staff, medical staff, and patients.

The emergency departments at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Chilliwack General Hospital remain open. Fraser Health has notified all patients on the affected units about the outbreaks, and in addition, has informed the families of patients who are unable to share this information.

Long term care:

Fraser Health has declared a COVID-19 outbreak over at George Derby Centre in Burnaby. With the implementation of comprehensive strategies to prevent and respond to COVID-19 in care facilities, there are no longer any COVID-19 cases at this location.


Following investigation and additional testing after COVID-19 variants of concern were initially identified at École Woodward Hill and Surrey Traditional Elementary School, one individual from Woodward Hill in Surrey and two individuals from Surrey Traditional have tested positive for a variant of concern.

One class at Woodward Hill is already isolating and will remain in isolation until March 4.

Two classes at Surrey Traditional will self-isolate until March 4. Both schools remain open.

Mass testing of affected classrooms was also initiated at James Ardiel Elementary and Tamanawis Secondary in response to a variant exposure, and no new cases were identified at either of these schools. No positive cases were found in any additional testing of school-related close contacts of variants of concern.

All close contacts of these cases have been self-isolating and will remain in isolation. Case and contact management is ongoing.

As these are variants that are new to its communities and more easily transmissible, Fraser Health is working to identify any further connected variant cases to ensure immediate isolation and case management to prevent ongoing transmission.

The variant strains can transmit more easily but do not interfere with the effectiveness of vaccines, nor affect the ability to test for the virus, according to Fraser Health.

It is critically important for people living in the Fraser Health region to get tested as soon as they have COVID-19-like symptoms, even mild ones. Don’t wait, and book or drop by one of the collection centres which are operated in partnership with local divisions of Family Practice. People living in the Fraser Health region can find information about test collection centres by visiting Fraser Health’s website

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