Dad says Ranbir meets different women

He was recently photographed strolling around a Spanish beach with current flame, Katrina Kaif. While the pictures (first published byStardust) have been doing the rounds online and elsewhere, it seems that Ranbir is living the life of the quintessential superstar. On top in the league of his generation of actors, RK Jr is young, rich and successful. And if a recent revelation by his father is to be believed, he’s got the women as well.

When Filmfare asked Rishi Kapoor for his comment on his son’s Casanova ways, he had a revelatory thing to say. “He’s successful. Any girl would like to date him. Abhi nahi karega toh kab meri umar mein aakey karega?” he said, and then dropped the bomb.

“He’s seeing everyone because I keep seeing A B C and D in the house. But I don’t think that A knows about B and C knows about D. The staff knows and I know. I’m still the boss of the house. The news reaches my ears.”

Well, considering the past affairs RK Jr has had, it may not be the most difficult thing to guess the A, B, C and the D in Ranbir’s life.