Stretch limousine that crashed into Surrey house now removed (updated)

Photos by JAY SHARMA of Mahi Photo Studio

A stretch limousine that crashed into a house just after 3:10 a.m. on Sunday (September 10) at 74th Avenue and 144th Street in Surrey was finally removed on Wednesday after engineers had examined the structure of the building to ensure that it did not collapse.

The driver of the limousine, a South Asian, was transported to hospital.

The South Asian family in the house had to find shelter somewhere else. But no one was injured.

The limousine had a sticker saying it was from North Star Limos.

CTV showed a box of alcoholic beverages in the vehicle. There were also cans and an empty cognac bottle. There were no passengers.

Police were looking for witnesses and videos to determine what exactly happened.

On Monday, at least two vehicles ended up getting rear-ended as people flocked to the area to see the spectacle. The authorities then put up black tarps around the perimeter to block off the view.

The house as it appeared on Thursday after the limo had been removed a day earlier.