Premier-designate Horgan announces more members of his leadership team

John Horgan

PREMIER-DESIGNATE John Horgan on Tuesday announced more members of his leadership team subsequent to the swearing-in of the new government.

* Donna Sanford, currently a Senior Policy Analyst at the Climate Action Secretariat, will move to a new role as Executive Director of the Confidence and Supply Agreement Secretariat, a new office in the Premier’s Office responsible for delivering on the agreement between the B.C. New Democrat government and the B.C. Green caucus.

* Sage Aaron will take on the role of Director of Communications in the Premier’s Office; she is currently Director of Communications for MoveUP.

* Kate Van Meer-Mass will assume new duties as Director of Operations in the Premier’s Office, with broad responsibility for supporting the new Premier, including tour planning, scheduling, and other leadership responsibilities.


Also, Jen Holmwood will assume the role of Deputy Director of Communications in the Premier’s Office, Sheena McConnell will serve as the Premier’s Press Secretary, and Marie Della Mattia will serve the Premier as a Special Advisor. All three held similar roles for the Leader of the Opposition.

“After 16 years we have a lot of work to do to address the problems caused by B.C. Liberal choices. I’m confident that the leadership team we’re building has the energy, drive and commitment to deliver the change we promised British Columbians,” said Victoria-Beacon Hill MLA and spokesperson for transition Carole James.

James noted all members of the leadership team are focussed on delivering on Horgan’s commitments to British Columbians.

“British Columbians are ready for new leadership that works for everyday people, not just those at the top, and our team is ready to deliver it,” said James.

“We are already working on ways to make life more affordable, to deliver the services people count on, and to build a strong, sustainable economy with good jobs throughout the province.”