Self-taught dancer Devanshi Vyas’ scintillating performance at Dance World Cup wins her a bronze

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DREAMS, dedication, and inspiration are a powerful combination that drives an individual closer and closer to achieving success, says Devanshi Vyas, 19, a self-taught dancer who has been dancing and performing since the age of 3.

She is a dance instructor as well as a student who is pursuing her goal to become an international pilot.

In May she competed at the Dance World Cup regionals and won first place in the National / Folkloric Category. She choreographed and executed a classical piece by combining Laavni, which originated from Maharashtra, and Kathak, an ancient classical dance form of India.

By winning first place at the regionals, Devanshi got a ticket to compete at the Dance World Cup finals at Whistler. The finals were held in July and as many as 600 participants from around the world – including India, Romania, Portugal, the U.S. and China – came to compete in various categories.

Devanshi was determined to put her best foot forward. She was ecstatic as she brought home a bronze medal for Canada. Devanshi is so proud that her hard work and her passion for dance paid off.

Devanshi said she never believes in giving up and so she is motivated to compete again next time the competition is held in  British Columbia and bring home a gold. Dance and music play a huge role in her life and she is continuing to grow in this field by competing as well as performing in events for various causes that help fundraise for abused women, Children’s Hospital, cure for cancer and so on.

She believes that victory comes to those who always persevere and stand up taller than they have ever been despite all the obstacles they may face.

Her final piece of advice: “One should always practice as if they have never won and perform as if they have never lost.”