Doug McCallum tells The VOICE he’s running for mayor of Surrey

Doug McCallum

FORMER mayor of Surrey Doug McCallum told The VOICE on Tuesday afternoon that he is once again running for mayor of Surrey.

“We are gonna go for it,” he said.

He said he felt “great” about it and added: “You know, to be honest with you, I feel even better than the last time I ran. I am just so excited.”

McCallum said: “We’ve got three main points that we are going to go on – and we are going to go with a full slate, too. On the crime issue, we are going with our own police force. We are going to do that right off the bat.”

He said: “On transportation, we are going to stop the light rail and we are going with Expo Line down Fraser Highway.”

On development, McCallum said: “We are going to pause some development and we are going to turn to smart development. And smart development means that we are going to work the community. We are still going to go ahead with all the development. We are going to work better with communities on development and we are going to densify a little bit more. We are just going to have smarter development in that.”

He added: “And the reason for that is we want all our infrastructure to catch up a little bit. We need more hospitals, for example … Our schools need to get caught up. So we are just going to pause some development, but we are going to turn more to smart development.”

He said he would probably announce his slate in the next couple of weeks. He added: “We are working on it. We’ve had a whole bunch of people that want to run with us. So we are sort of just going through [the process]. It will probably be a couple of weeks.”