Eby calls on BC Liberals to stop withholding money laundering documents

THE BC Liberals are refusing to release all relevant cabinet documents to the Cullen Commission into money laundering, BC Attorney General David Eby disclosed on Monday.

Speaking on day one of the commission, Eby said the BC Liberals have now received the documents relating to money laundering under their government.

However, former Finance Minister Mike de Jong is trying to pick and choose which documents are provided, even though he and other BC Liberals may be called into the inquiry as witnesses.

“He is in a profound conflict of interest,” Eby said. “My expectation, and I think the expectation of all British Columbians, would be that the BC Liberals would instruct the public service to disclose, without qualification, without censorship, the entire package of relevant cabinet records about money laundering directly to the Commission of Inquiry.”

Eby is calling on BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and de Jong to agree to send all the documents to the commission. 

“I will be responding to MLA de Jong and advising both him and Mr. Wilkinson of what their clear obligation to British Columbians is,” said Eby. “It is simple. Instruct the public servants who compile these cabinet documents to send the full package of records. No pages cut out, no reports left out, to the commission. Full stop.”

Nineteen months have passed since Eby first requested that the BC Liberals provide access to the documents to assist efforts to fight money laundering.