En Karma’s new love song pulls at your heart strings

En Karma filming in Merritt for “Unforgettable: Tera Pyar”: (L-R) Karmvir Cooner (dholi), Inder Kooner (lead vocalist), Nick Chowlia (keys) and Pip Dhaliwal (drums).

JUST in time for the month of love and heart, Vancouver-based bhangra band, En Karma, releases a new song just for those reminiscing about a love gone by.

Titled, “Unforgettable: Tera Pyar,” it is the band’s second release from their new album in less than six months.

The song questions one’s “karma” when it comes to dealing with heartbreak – a special song for the category of lovers and hopeless romantics around this time of year.

Lead singer of En Karma, Inder Kooner, says, “Love and heartache come in all forms and this song captures some of those feelings many of us may have experienced. Music for me is a great outlet for emotions. Even though this song wasn’t my favourite on this new album, it quickly grew on me. It’s just the evolution of making a song.You never know which song will strike a cord with you.”

The song comes off their third album together in a decade together. The new release comes just weeks after the hot debut release of Femme Fatale: Chori Chori – a more techno dance sound.

“With Unforgettable: Tera Pyar, people can expect a more chill, trap kinda vibe,” says the band’s keyboardist Nick Chowlia.

En Karma drummer, Pip Dhaliwal, says “We stepped out of our element with this new song. We took the opportunity to portray a different sound and vibe of En Karma.”

En Karma also just announced they will be teaming up with Sharry Mann for his upcoming concert on April 27 at the Bell Centre.

A real highlight for En Karma’s dholi, Karmvir Cooner: “It’s always exciting to share the stage with Sharry and play for a large venue like this. We are all pretty excited for this show.”

This is not first time En Karma is headlining with a big name in the Bhangra world. They have played with many greats including Malkit Singh, Jazzy B, Sarbjit Cheema, K.S. Makhan and H Dhami.

For the band, a couple of other most memorable performances include the Canada 150 celebration in the province’s capital and their electrifying energy at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

En Karma is currently North America’s only Bhangra band – a distinct and unmatched commodity in the Bhangra industry. The band’s members are award-winning musicians. They were nominated for BritAsia awards, which was a great honour for a band with roots in the UK and Canada.

En Karma’s debut album titled “En Karma” reached #1 on the iTunes World Music chart and featured the lead single Tohar Naal Jeena. It was followed by the release of “EnKarmafied” which reached #2 on the iTunes World Music charts featuring the singles Dil Naal Khedey and Tu Nach. En Karma is one of the biggest names to dominate the dance floors at international jazz festivals as well as numerous Indian, fusion and world music festivals.

Tera Pyar is available now for download on iTunes and Google play.