Evergreen Extension moves people but not crime stats

AFTER more than one year in operation, and a surge in people in the areas around the SkyTrain stations, Coquitlam Mounties have not recorded an appreciable increase in crime in the areas near the new Evergreen Extension.

“It’s early in the life of the Evergreen Extension, but even with a 25 percent increase in people using transit, there has been only a 2 percent increase in crime,” says Coquitlam RCMP Cpl. Michael McLaughlin. “We don’t want to become complacent and let any problems develop, but we believe that our proactive strategies, including dedicated units like the Uniformed Crime Reduction Unit (UCRU) are making an impact.”

UCRU is a specialized section that was created, in part, to patrol the areas around SkyTrain stations. UCRU does targeted foot and bicycle patrols and gathers intelligence about suspicious activity or people.

Other new police activities since the SkyTrain arrived include:

* Working collaboratively with Metro Vancouver Transit Police (Transit Police) on files where there are crossover issues involving crimes on trains, platforms and transit stations and in the community,
* Working with Transit Police on community events
* Using buses and SkyTrain platforms for a birds-eye view during distracted driving campaigns
* Highly-visible community policing projects including pedestrian safety initiatives around transit stations
*Coquitlam RCMP volunteers working with businesses and the public to talk about emerging issues near transit stations
With more people expected to use the Evergreen Extension each month, police say they want to make sure members of the public call 911 immediately when they see a crime in progress. “Coquitlam RCMP will continue working with Transit Police and Port Moody Police in areas around the SkyTrain,” says Corporal McLaughlin. “We want to be approachable, visible, and stay ahead of the curve.”

For non-emergencies in the communities served by Coquitlam RCMP, or if you have a question, call 604-945-1550.