Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh: ‘Fight for a more just and inclusive world’

Jagmeet Singh
Photo by Vinnie Combow

FEDERAL NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in his address to New Democrats holding their convention in Victoria this weekend said: “I have to say, after 16 long years it is simply wonderful to have beautiful BC once more represented by a New Democratic Government and a New Democratic Premier. Thank you to everyone, all the organizers, volunteers and members for all your hard work in making this possible.”
Singh then singled out some of the many achievements the government has made in the last several months.
After speaking about his personal experiences of facing discrimination, Singh talked about the kind of country he hopes to champion as NDP leader.
He said: “We deserve a government that gets it and is willing to fight unfairness and oppose injustice and with a progressive vision that will make lives better.

“A vision for expanding universal health care to include Pharmacare and dental care instead of cutting it. A vision for tearing down barriers to education and making investments so that all levels of education are accessible to all. A vision for real reconciliation and a true nation to nation relationship with Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

“A vision for a commitment to climate change that aggressively reduces emissions, builds the green economy of the future and leaves no worker behind in the transition. And – like you are doing here in BC – a vision for an electoral system that ensures the voices of Canadians are truly heard and fairly represented.
“It takes an act of love to realize we are all in this together and an act of courage to demand better, dream bigger and fight for a more just and inclusive world!”
When asked about Singh earlier in the day, Horgan was effusive in his support. “He’s the total package,” he said.

More than 800 New Democrats have gathered this weekend at the Victoria Conference Centre to debate policy resolutions, participate in training and workshops and listen to guest speakers.