Federal Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau welcomes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

INDIA PM NARENDRA MODI offFEDERAL Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on Tuesday welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Canada.

Trudeau said: “Canada’s longstanding connection to India is a source of great pride, with both our countries having been shaped by the democratic and pluralistic values that underpin our societies.

“India remains an important trading partner, with our bilateral merchandise trade relationship worth more than $6 billion. We must do more to strengthen and grow our economic links.

“Equally, more than one million Canadians trace their heritage to India. Whether in law, health, engineering, education or other avenues, Indo-Canadians have made, and will continue to make, significant contributions to our rich and vibrant national fabric.

“We wish Prime Minister Modi a successful visit here in Canada, and look forward to continued deepening ties between our two nations.”