First cricket field coming to Delta

Proposed cricket field.

DELTA Council has approved the creation of a cricket field, including a cricket pitch and safety netting, for use this year, in Delview Park.

A neighbourhood consultation will be undertaken as part of this project to assist with planning amenities for this park.

According to the report that was reviewed and endorsed by the City Manager for the Delview Park Cricket Field, it was recommended that “the City of Delta proceed with the installation of a cricket pitch and safety netting, for use this year, at Delview Park, located at 9098 116 Avenue” and that “staff consult with the public on other park amenities as outlined in this report.”

The report’s background stated: “The City of Delta (Delta) currently has no cricket fields. In early May of 2017, representatives of the cricket community in North Delta approached Delta. Over 200 cricket players living in North Delta are active participants in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League (League). The League has been in operation since 1914 and currently has over 70 teams that practice and play matches primarily from late April through August of each year. The lack of a cricket field in Delta is becoming more pronounced with the increasing interest in the sport.

“The representatives of the cricket community in North Delta are interested in the possibility of establishing a cricket field in North Delta.”

While discussing the shape and size of a cricket field and its surface composition, the report states: “Delta has conducted an extensive review of suitable park sites, which could physically provide for a cricket field without eliminating other established uses. The most appropriate location in North Delta for the establishment of a cricket field would be at the Delview Park. A slight slope on the eastern edge of the proposed cricket field exists where participants would be running uphill. The cricket community has verified that this slight grade change would be suitable from a playability and participant safety standpoint.

“The cricket schedule for those teams involved in the League generally involves one mid-week evening practice. Games occur on Saturday and Sunday, starting at about 11 a.m. each day and continuing until the early to mid-evening.

“If approved, the cricket pitch would be placed between two outfield areas of existing ball diamonds. In 2018, Delview Park (Park) was booked for 325 hours of use by Delta-based organizations from April through August, primarily for slo-pitch games on the two ball diamonds. After reviewing the annual spring and summer allocations, staff believe that the slo-pitch usage at Delview Park during 2018 can be accommodated at other parks in North Delta in order to facilitate the inclusion of cricket.

“To achieve a cricket field, a permanent cricket pitch would be constructed with an asphalt base and synthetic turf surface. At the east side of the proposed cricket field an enclosed off-leash dog space exists. Safety netting would need to be installed to a height of approximately 4.5 meters (15 feet) to provide additional protection for users of this off-leash space.

“The estimated cost to construct the cricket pitch and safety netting would be $35,000.”

The report suggests other park amenities.

Its conclusion notes: “Designating a suitable location and creating a venue for cricket players in Delta will support over 200 local players and a sport that has been active in the lower mainland for over 100 years.”